Welcome to "Willkommen in Gransee"

The initiative "Willkommen in Gransee" started its work in January 2014 in order to structure the support work from the population of Gransee for the refugees coming to Gransee in the future. With the arrival of the first refugees our initiative was able to give basic support in language matters and daily practical activities.  Through showings of films and theatre performances and an informative seminar we were able to increase the awareness and knowledge of the situation of the refugees. In the meantime the main refugee facility has been opened for about 80 people and refugees from many countries have moved in. In addition, the city of Gransee has offered to the initiative a special house for use for their activities.

Christmas party at Hospital Global on Friday, 15.12.2017



Summerparty: Friday, 21. July from 3 pm to 10 pm

The refugees initiative „Welcome in Gransee“ invites evrerybody to this year's summerparty at „Hospital Global“, Ruppiner Straße 8 in Gransee. The party takes place on Friday 21st July from 3 pm to 10 pm.


A divers programme awaits the guests. The entrance is free, however donations are welcome.


Drumcircle Special at the Open Evening on 27th January

During the Open Evening on the 27th of January, Jens Seidenpfad and Tilman Santarius will guide a Drumcircle Special. Two Master students of BTU Cottbus will join and interview the organizers.


Refugees and Germans celebrate Christmas together

On Wednesday, 14th December 2016, the initiative «Welcome in Gransee» and the Women Circle Oberhavel Nord invited for a joint Christmas celebration at Hospital Global. 60 to 70 people from Gransee took part. Read more...


The web portal of the German Federal Government reports on successful integration in Garnsee

Also the German Federal Government is interested in the voluntary work of the initiative «Welcome in Gransee». A contribution on the governmental web portal reports on a Syrian family and its mentor from Gransee. Read more... (only in German)


14 December 2016: Christmas Celebration

The refugees initiative "Welcome in Gransee" and the "Frauenkreis Oberhavel Nord“ would like to invite you for celebrating "Christmas with families" on Wednesday, December 14, at "Hospital Global", Ruppiner Straße 8 in Gransee.

2 pm: Cookie baking
4 pm: Begin of the celebration

Please contact Viviane Zipperling till December 9: 0174/8705284


Integration of refugees into a provincial town of Brandenburg − is that possible?

An article of Ines Richter appeared in the autumn issue 2016 of the journal KommunalPraxis. In her contribution she presents the work and experiences of the refugees initiative «Welcome in Gransee». Read more... (only in German)


rbb TV visited the Welcome Initiative Gransee

Photograph: S. Blumberg, Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung

Many highly committed volunteers helped the refugees at the beginning of the crisis. However, how ist the situation today when it comes to the integration of the migrants? rbb journalist Stefanie Teisler wanted to know more and visited the Welcome Initiative Gransee. Friday, 26th of August, the video has been broadcasted in the rbb programme 'Brandenburg aktuell'. Watch the contribution (only in German)


Summer party of the welcome initiative on 19th August 2016

The refugee’s initiative "Welcome in Gransee" invites everybody from Gransee to this year’s summer party in the garden of Hospital Global, Ruppiner Str. 8 in Gransee on Friday, 19th August, from 5 pm to 10 pm. A divers program awaits the visitors: Children will have fun at various games and handicraft facilities, including a bouncy castle, a make-up table and a fortune wheel. Adults may take part in the international round dance or the drum group which will be led by Yvonne Nägel and Herbert Brauer from the association "Gemeinsam". Kai Hansen enriches the party with a musical contribution. And also a buffet with coffee and cake, a Pakistani barbecue, sausages, pitta bread and other delicacies is organized.


16 July 2016: Bike tour

The Welcome Initiative invites everybody to join for a bike ride to the area around Gransee.
Meeting place: Tower “Ruppiner Tor”, Saturday 16th July 2016 at 1 p.m.
The ride is about 20 km long but we make several breaks. Please bring something to eat and drink.
More information (in German, English and Arabic)


How do Arabic societies function?
What are the impacts for our welcoming culture?

"Other countries, other manners" says a German proverb literally translated. It particularly poses a challenge for the refugees who need to integrate into our society. However, we can and we want to support them. The more we know about the circumstances under which they have lived in their home countries, the merrier we can assist them. More information will be given in a talk by Martin Klumpp which will take place at the Heimatmuseum Gransee, Rudolf-Breitscheid-Str. 44 on Wednesday, March 23 at 7 pm. Read more...