Initiative „Willkommen in Gransee“ (Welcome in Gransee)

The right for political asylum is a human right which is guaranteed in § 14 of the General Resolution for Human Rights agreed upon by the UN. We, as members of the initiative „Willkommen in Gransee“ , declare their full support for the refugees to obtain fair legal proceedings in their pursuit of political asylum and in their prospects for a dignified life in society.

We are aware that almost nobody will leave his home country without necessity and that those that come to us have suffered terrible things in their country of origin and during their process of escape.

When they arrive in Germany, they are confronted with many difficulties: they are alone in a strange surrounding, are not permitted to work, most often don´t speak the language and mostly do not have any knowledge about their rights. Nor do they know anything about the specific legal requirements for obtaining political asylum., which will be decisive for their future life.

Confronted with this difficult situation it is our aim to support those refugees that come to us:

by doing things together and through personal contact. We are offering to help them in getting to know our town and surrounding area and we offer to accompany them when going to official places, to the supermarket or other things they have to do. It is our aim to meet the people who come to us at eye level and to treat them with respect. We want to work together with them so that they feel welcome in our community and be respected well.