Welcome to "Willkommen in Gransee"

The initiative "Willkommen in Gransee" started its work in January 2014 in order to structure the support work from the population of Gransee for the refugees coming to Gransee in the future. With the arrival of the first refugees our initiative was able to give basic support in language matters and daily practical activities.  Through showings of films and theatre performances and an informative seminar we were able to increase the awareness and knowledge of the situation of the refugees. In the meantime the main refugee facility has been opened for about 80 people and refugees from many countries have moved in. In addition, the city of Gransee has offered to the initiative a special house for use for their activities.

Summerparty: Friday, 21. July from 3 pm to 10 pm

The refugees initiative „Welcome in Gransee“ invites evrerybody to this year's summerparty at „Hospital Global“, Ruppiner Straße 8 in Gransee. The party takes place on Friday 21st July from 3 pm to 10 pm.


A divers programme awaits the guests. The entrance is free, however donations are welcome.