How to move on with the refugees initiative?

Since two years the welcome initiative Gransee exists and since April 2015, when the first refugees arrived in Gransee, the migrants are actively supported. Now it was time to look back and to identify new fields of action in order to be better prepared for future challenges. Therefore, a roundtable discussion took place on Sunday, 24th of January 2016 from 11am to 3pm. About 20 people met at Hospital Global in Gransee and exchanged ideas under the direction of the professional moderator Jérome Niemeyer.

The outcome of the day was a list of six priority areas of action which will be developed further in the next few weeks by newly formed working groups:

  • Transfer responsibility
  • Cultural evening
  • Find new volunteers
  • Decision processes and organizational structure
  • Information on and contact data of the refugees
  • Friday’s social gathering

The results of the working groups will be presented to the whole plenum at the next roundtable discussion planned to take place end of April/beginning of May 2016.

Martina Bauchrowitz

Photographs: © Uwe Mietrau